JSA Construction

Luxury and high level Building Construction


With a long course in construction, Mr. Tsoukalas Ioannis acquired a philosophy and a basic purpose, luxury and perfection. So he founded JSA Construction, investing in a high level of construction and following customer requirements.

As a first step and for a successful collaboration, it always seeks specialized partners, where they are a key lever to achieve the best final result.

First of all, with the use of the most modern technologies, the best raw materials and the cooperation with specialized technical staff in combination with the strict supervision and control of the quality of the works, it manages to complete and provide the ultimate luxury with guarantee and reliability that results the recognition of projects by our customers.


JSA Construction was founded in 1978 and is active in the real estate sector with an extremely rich and serious history.

Our specialization is the development and construction of projects. Mr. Ioannis Tsoukalas with many years of experience abroad in the 80's created buildings with the magic and lightness of Latin America in the area of ​​Glyfada. After all these years and with many projects that have been carried out, even in difficult times, the new generation of JSA and its partners continue to build foundations that are not only made of cement and bricks but foundations that fulfill dreams and express a way of life.

Together we strive for architectural quality and the creation of warm, airy and luxurious spaces based on simplicity and elegance, harmoniously combining a variety of materials and elements.